What We Do

Agribusiness and Food Security

We support large scale agricultural ventures by providing training and extension services to outgrowers, aggregators and cooperatives; using technology to support and drive outcomes of the entire value chains in the agricultural sector. We also export processed and semi-processed cash crops to different markets. We will shortly be commencing large scale production of food and cash crops.


Technical & Vocational Entrepreneurship Training:

We deliver essential technical and vocational Skills (TVET) designed to provide small enterprises and leaders of small and medium enterprises with skill-set required to excel in today’s business world. This is done in alignment with our client’s request in line with absolute satisfaction in service delivery.

skill acquisition


We design and deliver bespoke interventions to equip individuals with employability and entrepreneurship skills. Our expertise includes leveraging technology to expand access to learning opportunities and improve training outcomes.


Financial Inclusion

One of the key ways of eradicating poverty is enabling all households and businesses, irrespective of income level, have access to and effectively use appropriate financial services they need improve their lives.


Enterprise Development

Catalyzing the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises at local, regional and national levels through enterprise ecosystem mapping, market systems, value chain analysis, entrepreneurship education, business development support, access to capital and market linkage initiatives.

enterprise development

Renewable Energy and Power

We undertake off grid solar energy projects to power agricultural machineries and irrigation systems, education and health facilities, as well as catalyze rural economic development. We are project partners in Nigeria for deployment of multiplatform systems in Nigeria’s rural communities.



We focus on the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) toward social, economic, and political development, with a particular emphasis on helping poor and marginalized people and communities. Farmers in the developing countries use ICTs to access price information from national and international markets as well as connect to policy makers and other farmers. We focus on providing smartphone apps that can show the user information about the status of their crops and irrigation system remotely; livestock farming, cattle-breeding which includes scientific crossbreeding techniques that produce cattle with greatly improved fertility.


Transport and Logistics

We provide and deliver bespoke intervention that can onboard and integrate functional tech-enabled carriage companies to solve transportation and logistics challenges at both organization and systemic levels.

airliner with a globe and autoloader with boxes in a container

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation enables project promoters to measure impact, improve delivery, demonstrate value for results, learn from previous experiences and plan more effectively; largely dependent on baseline evaluation, mid-term survey and end of project performance evaluation.


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